Lieutenant Franz Friedrich Schlör

Biography of Lieutenant Franz Friedrich Schlör

Franz Friedrich Schlör matriculated at the University of Glasgow in Summer 1913, at the age of 25. He joined the Arts faculty, studying History and English.

Schlör was born in Barth, Germany in 1888, son of Franz, the manager of a local factory and member of the town council.

Schlör went on to enroll at the University of Greifswald near his hometown in the present-day state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommen for the winter semester of 1913/14. The register states that he studied Philosophy and had previously attended the universities of Göttingen, Munich, and Glasgow.

With the outbreak of the First World War, Schlör joined the German Army. He was a Reserve Officer with the rank of Lieutenant when he fell in battle on 19 December 1914. According to a letter sent by his father to the University of Greifswald, Schlör fell in battle in Piecki, Russian-occupied Poland, but according to 'der Liste der Namen der im Krieg gefallenen Opfer im Jahr 1914' (the list of those who died fighting for Germany in 1914), Schlör fell in Lodz, around 126 km from Piecki.


Lieutenant Franz Friedrich Schlör
Rank: Lieutenant
Regiment: German Army
Degree: Alumnus
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action 19 December 1914
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: N/A


Auszug aus der digitalisierten Volkszählliste aus dem Jahr 1895 (Signatur StABarth Repositur 3 V 8)

Auszug aus der Liste der Namen der im Krieg gefallenen Opfer im Jahr 1914

Brief von Herr Franz Schlör an der Universität Greifswald, 1915

Matrikulationen Wintersemester 1913/14 - Uni Greifswald

R8/5/33/13 Matriculation Slips 1913 Summer: Men & Women A - Z

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