2nd Lieutenant David Fotheringham Turner

Biography of 2nd Lieutenant David Fotheringham Turner

David Fotheringham Turner was born 2nd April 1894 and studied at Kelvinside Academy before going to work for Messrs Ker, Bolton & Co, Glasgow merchants.

David was a member of the Officer Training Corps 1913-1914 before joining the Camerons. He was then gazetted to the Northumberland Fusiliers before transferring to the 8th East Yorkshire Regiment. He fought in the Battle of Loos, where he died on the 25th September 1915. His brother, Allan, died just a few months later at Gallipoli.


2nd Lieutenant David Fotheringham Turner
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Regiment: 8th East Yorkshire Regiment
Degree: N/A
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action at Loos 25 September 1915. Member of University of Glasgow OTC
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: Ch 4/4/2/2/293

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