Sergeant - Instructor Robert Scott

Biography of Sergeant - Instructor Robert Scott

Robert Scott was born in Galson, Ayrshire, around 1898. His father Robert was a coal miner, and the family – including Robert’s mother Mary and his brother James – lived at Sornhill in Galston, Ayrshire.

Robert acted as Sergeant-Instructor of the University of Glasgow's Officers' Training Corps from 1912. When war broke out, Sergeant-Instructors of University and College OTCs were among the first to receive commissions. Robert joined the 2/10th Battalion of the Royal Scots - a Battalion that initially served in France, but by June 1918 had moved to Ireland. In July 1918 Robert and the Battalion were sent to Russia, with the intention of bringing down the Bolshevik regime, which was thought to be a puppet of Germany.

By Spring 1919, it was becoming clear that the allied intervention in northern Russia had no prospect of strategic success. In May the American troops were withdrawn but Britain was slower to face up to reality. On the 7th June 1919, Private Robert Scott was discovered to have accidentally drowned. The Battalion returned to Scotland just over a week later and were demobilised.

Private Robert Scott is remembered on the Archangel Memorial, and in the University of Glasgow Chapel.


Sergeant - Instructor Robert Scott
Rank: Sergeant - Instructor
Regiment: 2/10th Royal Scots
Degree: N/A
Awards: N/A
Comments: Accidentally drowned. Member of University of Glasgow OTC
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/341, 604
Photo ID: N/A

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