Surgeon Dagmar Florence Curjel

Biography of Surgeon Dagmar Florence Curjel

Dagmar Florence Curjel was born on 10th September 1888 in the Lahore District, Karachi. Her father, Harald, was an East India merchant, but had died by the time Dagmar matriculated to study medicine at Queen Margaret College in 1909. At that time she lived at Daneholm, Helensburgh.

She had a glittering academic record and when she graduated on 8th October 1914, it was with very high marks in her professional exams and a commendation. In that academic year she had been the medallist in Surgery. In previous years she was the medallist in Midwifery and the Mackintosh Bursar in Insanity. She won First Class Certificates in Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Pathology, Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health. Her second class certificate in Physiology in 1910 represented her first place on merit.

Dagmar's war service was as a surgeon with the Women's Indian Medical Service. After the war she returned to Scotland, to Helensburgh and applied herself to medical research, graduating MD from the University of Glasgow in 1916. Her MD Thesis was titled: The relation of the calcium content of the blood to the tonicity of the cardiac muscle. On 16th August 1924 she was married in Simla, India, to William Robert Wilson, Deputy Commissioner in the Indian Civil Service.

She lived and worked in India for almost twenty years before returning to live in Oxford. She specialised in rickets in Indian children and its relationship to nutrition. Her studies of several thousand school-age children in Northern India provided data with which to campaign against overcrowding, poor diet and the effects of lack of sunlight.

She also published an important study of endemic goitre in the Lancet in 1941, comparing the condition in England and the Punjab. Her conclusion was that it was related to the geological distribution of fluorine and to the distribution of human dental fluorosis (mottled teeth). A distinguished Glasgow doctor, Dagmar Florence Curjel, or Wilson, died on 16th June 1970 at Oxford, aged 81.



Surgeon Dagmar Florence Curjel
Rank: Surgeon
Regiment: Womens Indian Medical Service
Degree: MD
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