Private James Easton

Biography of Private James Easton

James Easton was born in Lanark on the 25th November 1896. His father, also James, was a clerk and the family home at the time young James matriculated at the University of Glasgow was at 18 Dunard Street. James was 19 then, in the autumn of 1915, and he enrolled for classes in English and Economic History. At the same time he enrolled at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College to study Economics. There was a war on, however, and young men of his age were registered for military service. There would be an interlude in his studies.

James joined the Army as a clerk on 26th December 1916, and was later transferred from the Army Service Corps to the 65th Wing of the Royal Air Force at CTO Dunkerque on 17th October 1918. He survived the war and on the 15th of January 1919 was certified as fit to travel and 'free from vermin, scabies and other infectious diseases'. He was demobilised from his unit at Georgetown, Paisley on the 22nd January 1919. James used the 'Out of Work Donations' to which he was entitled as a returning serviceman for a very short time from 16th September until the 30th September but returned to his studies the next week.

His studies went well. He took classes in English, French and Geography (in which he gained a second class merit) and over the subsequent two years he took History and Political Economy to Honours level. He was awarded a merit certificate in Constitutional Law and History in 1921 and third prize in Political Economy. His final year was in 1921-1922, also the year that his seventeen-year-old brother William went up to University to study Science. In the normal course of events he would have graduated then, but for whatever reason he delayed doing so until November 1927, when he graduated MA with a second class Honours in History. After graduation James became an HM Inspector of Taxes and worked for some time in England, giving his address as Gate House, East Hill, Colchester. Later he returned to Glasgow, to 14 Belhaven Terrace and remained in the Civil Service.



Private James Easton
Rank: Private
Regiment: 65th Wing, Royal Air Force
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Papers of James Easton, UGC-139
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: N/A


University of Glasgow Registry, Faculty and General Council Records

Papers of James Easton, University of Glasgow Archives (GUAS Ref: UGC 139)

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