Private Alexander Baird

Biography of Private Alexander Baird

Private Alexander Baird was born in Sunderland, England in 1889, the son of Alexander and Jane Bailey Baird of ‘6, The Grove, Sunderland, England.’ Alexander’s father (also Alexander) was an Engineer Draughtsman. Baird came to the University to study Medicine, enrolling at the young age of 16 in the Summer Session of 1905, taking classes in Botany and Physics. He displayed early promise in his studies and was awarded a Second Class certificate in Physics in the class of Professor Andrew Gray and George W.Walker. During the Summer Session, he resided at 5 Doune Quadrant, Glasgow.

Baird had passed his preliminary examinations to enter medicine in March 1905. He entered his first year of study for Medicine in Session 1905-1906, enrolling for classes in Zoology, Practical Zoology, Chemistry and Junior Anatomy. His home address was ’27 Ewesley Road, Sunderland, Durham’ and during the term-time he resided at ’39 West End Park Street, Glasgow.’

Baird then enrolled in Session 1906-1907 for classes in Chemistry and Practical Chemistry, this time residing at ‘9 West Princes Street Gardens, Glasgow’ during the term time. For Session 1907-1908 Baird, now aged 19, enrolled for classes in Physiology and Practical Anatomy and then in Session 1908-1909. He unfortunately did not pass his Second Professional Examination and resat his examinations each year up until 1912, displaying his diligence with a difficult course. He enrolled again in 1908-1909 for classes in Materia Medicia, Practical Anatomy and Clinical Surgery.

In Session 1909-1910 now aged 21, Baird enrolled for classes in Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Surgery- he now resided during the term time at 176 Great George Street, Hillhead, Glasgow. The next again year, Session 1910-1911, now aged 22, Baird again enrolled for classes in Anatomy, Practical Anatomy and Clinical Medicine, now residing in ‘c/o Auld, 39 West Park Street, Glasgow.’ When he resat his Second Professional examinations in October 1911 he passed his Materia Medica and Therapeutics module but again had to resit Anatomy and Physiology.

Baird attended one last Session in 1911-1912 now in his 7th year of study at the University, enrolling for classes in Practical Physiology and Clinical Surgery, now residing in ‘c/o McCulloch, 110 Byres Road, Glasgow’. Unfortunately, his last attempt at passing his Anatomy and Physiology module for his Second Professional Examinations was not met with success and he hence did not continue with his medical studies at the University.

Baird later became a Private in the 4th Battalion Australian Imperial force, serving from 1916-1918. Unfortunately, like so many during the Great War, Private Alexander Baird was killed in action in France on the 5th of April 1918 at the age of just 30 years. He is commemorated, along with 10824 others at Villers-Bretonneux Memorial in Somme, France.


Private Alexander Baird
Rank: Private
Regiment: 47th Battalion - Australian Imperial Force
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action in France, 5 April 1918
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/657, 663
Photo ID: N/A


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