Surgeon Daisy Annabelle Bennett

Biography of Surgeon Daisy Annabelle Bennett

Born on 10th January 1874, Daisy Bennett was the daughter of Thomas, a Glasgow merchant. The family lived at Netherwood, Albert Road, Langside. In 1892 Daisy went up the University of Glasgow to study medicine at Queen Margaret College, which at that time housed a separate medical school for women and had only begun granting degrees. Its first female doctor, Marion Gilchrist, graduated in 1894. Daisy was, therefore, a pioneer in a field where women had to contend with much prejudice and difficulty in gaining first a degree and then a job.

Daisy was fit for the challenge. She recovered well after a difficult first year and gained First Class certificates in the Junior Class of Anatomy and Physiology, and the second prize in Practical Pathology. She graduated comfortably on 21st July 1898.

On 7th March 1899, she got married to fellow Glasgow medical graduate Andrew Nicholson MacGregor (<MB CM 1888). Andrew also had an MD (1891) and Daisy would be his equal. She graduated MD on 3rd November 1904, one of the very first women ever to obtain this postgraduate qualification. The title of her thesis was The Aetiology and Treatment of Oophritis.

Like many of her contemporaries, she stepped forward to use her skills in wartime. She was by then 35, a mature and experienced, not to say distinguished female doctor. She was also a married woman. Daisy's war service was in Scotland. She became a surgeon at the 4th Scottish General Hospital, Stobhill, treating casualties sent home from the Front. Stobhill was requisitioned by the military authorities just after the outbreak of war and it treated hundreds of servicemen. A special platform and railway line were built to bring them to the hospital. Daisy and her colleagues worked tirelessly round the clock to tend to them. After the war, Daisy and Andrew lived at 14 Woodside Place, Glasgow. Daisy Annabelle Bennett, a very equal doctor, died on 17th January 1928, a few days after her 54th birthday.


Surgeon Daisy Annabelle Bennett
Rank: Surgeon
Regiment: 4th Scottish General Hospital - Stobhill Glasgow
Degree: MD
Awards: N/A
Comments: Mrs A N McGregor
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: Submitted by the family


University of Glasgow Registry, Faculty, and General Council Records

Photograph: Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Dr Robin Ward, grandson of Daisy Bennett

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