Captain Arthur Kennedy

Biography of Captain Arthur Kennedy

Arthur Kennedy graduated from the University of Glasgow MA 1912, MBChB 1918 and won a Sporting Blue for Tennis in 1912.

He was born on the 6th August 1892 in area of Mount Vernon in former parish of Old Monkland in Glasgow. His father, John Kennedy, worked in cloth manufacturing before retiring in 1911.

Arthur's first degree was a MA and he took courses of Logic, French, German and Philosophy. He graduated on the 18th June 1912 and pursued a second degree in Medicine, graduating with an MBChB in 1918 after taking courses such as Chemistry and Zoology.

Arthur won numerous prizes throughout his time at university including First-Class certificates in French and German Literature and Language, Practical Anatomy, Physiology and Practical Physiology, and Practical Pathology.

Kennedy also served as Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was attached to the 12th Cameronians (Scot's Rifles) and he was mentioned in dispatches, meaning that he had committed an act of bravery.

Arthur played tennis at a time when the Glasgow University Tennis Club was surging in popularity to the extent that membership was capped at eighty members in 1911. Arthur played well enough to win a Sporting Blues award for tennis in 1912.


Captain Arthur Kennedy
Rank: Captain
Regiment: Royal Army Medical Corps - 12th Cameronians
Degree: MA
Awards: Mentioned in Despatches
Comments: N/A
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: N/A


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