Private David Anderson

Biography of Private David Anderson

David Anderson was 17 when he began studying at Glasgow University with the intention of completing a B.Sc. in Agriculture. He was born in Denny in Stirlingshire and still lived there in the family home in the town, where his father, John, was a joiner. In his first year, 1912-13, he enrolled in Zoology and Botany, returning the following year to attempt Natural Philosophy and Chemistry. He was not a successful student, however, and when he abandoned his studies and enlisted as a Private in the H.L.I. in 1915, he left behind a pass in Botany for the more urgent task of serving his country.

The most likely regiment in which David served was the 6th Battalion of the H.L.I. Raised in Glasgow, it formed part of the 52nd Lowland Division which saw action in Gallipoli and Egypt before playing an important part in the Battle of Jerusalem in the autumn of 1917. By then David had transferred to the 157th Machine Gun Corps (H.L.I.), created in March 1917, a specialist and highly trained unit of the infantry. In the spring of that year the Allied armies were preparing for the invasion of Ottoman-held Palestine and the capture of Jerusalem. The first and second Battles of Gaza in March and April were unsuccessful, but in early November, the Third Battle of Gaza resulted in victory and the occupation of the area. David Anderson’s brigade moved further north, consolidating the Allied position and reaching the coast. It was not the end of Ottoman resistance, however, and several engagements lay ahead, including the Battle of Jaffa. It was in one of these that David fell on Friday, 30th November 1917, just a few days before the capture of Jerusalem. He was 22. Private Anderson is remembered on Panel 53 of the Jerusalem War Memorial. His final resting place is unknown.


Private David Anderson
Rank: Private
Regiment: Highland Light Infantry
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action
Note/Press Clipping: N/A
Photo ID: N/A


University of Glasgow Registry R8/5/33/1, R8/5/34/1; R6/2

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