Lance Corporal Robert Munro Cameron

Biography of Lance Corporal Robert Munro Cameron

Robert Munro Cameron was born on 10 September 1887 in Dailly, Ayrshire to Donald Cameron, a school board offer, and his wife, Lily Bell.

In 1906, Robert came to Glasgow to train for the teaching profession. He studied concurrently for an Arts degree at the University, and for a teaching qualification at the Glasgow Provincial Training College, now the University of Strathclyde. His University subjects included Latin, Logic and Moral Philosophy, and he graduated as Master of Arts on 8 June 1909. Several weeks later, on 30 June, Robert completed his course at the Glasgow Provincial Training College to earn the Teacher’s General Certificate, which qualified him to teach in primary schools, with additional qualifications to teach singing, drawing, woodwork and physical exercises. He subsequently held teaching posts at Canning Place Public School in Glasgow from 2 September – 18 November 1909, and at Calder Street Public School in Govan from 19 November 1909.

During the First World War, Robert served as Lance Corporal with the 6th Cameron Highlanders: Machine Gun Section. He died of wounds sustained in action on 30 May 1916, his bravery described by a contemporary press cutting as follows:

"During the attack he displayed courage and determination when ordered to carry a position occupied by the enemy on his right flank. Through his successful efforts the company was able to proceed with the advance and though wounded he continued to render valuable assistance."

Lance Corporal Robert Munro Cameron is buried in Bethune Town Cemetery. He is remembered in the Roll of Honour of the Glasgow Provincial Committee for the Training of Teachers.


Lance Corporal Robert Munro Cameron
Rank: Lance Corporal
Regiment: 6th Cameron Highlanders - Machine Gun Section
Degree: MA
Awards: N/A
Comments: Died of wounds 30 May 1916
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/666, 1005
Photo ID: Ch 4/4/2/2/38


CH 4/4/2/3/1005 and CH 4/4/2/3/666 from University of Glasgow Archive Services

With thanks to Strathclyde University Archives for writing this biography.

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