Captain John Mack Guthrie

Biography of Captain John Mack Guthrie

John Mack Guthrie was born on the 6 February 1894 in Baillieston, Glasgow. He was the eldest son of James Guthrie, a Druggist, and of Margaret Guthrie. He had a younger brother called Thomas who served as a Private in the Cameron Highlanders.

He was educated at Baillieston Public School and Alan Glen’s school before matriculating at the University of Glasgow in 1912, aged 18. During his first year at University he was reading for a BSc in Science, but in his second year he studied for an MA in the Arts. He passed all his subjects which were Natural Philosophy, Mathematics, Logic and Metaphysics. He was also a member of the O.T.C.

In September 1914 he joined the Black Watch and in July 1915 he went to France. In 1917 he was promoted to Captain. He was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the field. He died on the 28 July 1918, aged 24. He is buried at Chambrecy British Cemetery, France.

His Commanding Officer wrote that “He was beloved by all ranks in the battalion, and was a brave and good officer and one that I could trust anywhere; throughout the very recent severe fighting he showed great gallantry and leadership, and his end came while leading his men in a splendid manner against the village of Chambere . . . All through he was a splendid officer and a true friend”.

Another officer wrote that “All officers and men alike loved him so much, and followed him anywhere; he kept so cool in action and was always so gentlemanly and kind, a perfect Company Commander, and was doing splendid work”.


Captain John Mack Guthrie
Rank: Captain
Regiment: 6th Black Watch
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action. Attended Allan Glens School.
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/1045
Photo ID: N/A


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