Cadet James Hunter

Biography of Cadet James Hunter

Cadet James Hunter was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, in approximately 1900, the only son of John and Isabella (Bella) Hunter of 126 University Avenue, Glasgow. John Hunter was listed as being a 'Commercial Manager' at a Colliery.

At the age of just 16, James Hunter matriculated to study Medicine at the University in Session 1916-1917, enrolling for classes in Zoology and Chemistry. Hunter was successful in his classes in his first year, and won numerous prizes; a Second Class Certificate in Systematic Chemistry and a First Class Certificate in his Zoology (Practical) class. His home address and term time address during his studies was given as "Bon Accord", Fifth Avenue, Airdrie.'

After a successful first year, Hunter enrolled again for his second year of study in Session 1917-1918 at the age of 17, enrolling for classes in Anatomy (with Practical Anatomy) and Physiology (with Practical Physiology).He continued his success again, gaining numerous class certificates including a First Class Certificate in Medical Physics, First Class Certificate in Practical Anatomy in the summer of 1918, Second Class Certificate in Systematic Embryology in the summer of 1918 and a First Class Certificate in Practical Pharmacy (where it was noted that he received a 'special certificate in view of class medal') in the class of Professor Ralph Stockman.


As a member of the University O.T.C, in the summer of 1918, Hunter joined in at a training camp held in Barry in 'corporation with cadets from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Oxford and Durham University,' 154 cadets, including Hunter, from the University of Glasgow. Unfortunately, during this training camp, tragedy struck and Hunter contracted influenza which subsequently proved to be fatal.

Cadet James Hunter died at the age of 18 on the 12th of July 1918 at King's Cross Hospital, Dundee. A letter to the University from his father, John, dated from the 3rd of September 1918 states:

'In case you may not have heard I regret to inform you that my son James Hunter, who was a Medical student and held a Lorimer Bursary at Glasgow University, went to the O.T.C camp at Barry but contracted influenza there and died at Dundee on 12th July last...'

Cadet James Hunter, 'the dearly loved' son of John and Isabella, was buried at New Monkland Cemetery. His funeral, 'from Inkerman, Airdrie,' was held on Tuesday 16th at 2pm in New Monkland Cemetery.' He is buried here in Plot H.19. He is remembered here, by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and in the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour.


Cadet James Hunter
Rank: Cadet
Regiment: Glasgow University O T C
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Died 12 July 1918
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/492, 528
Photo ID: N/A


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