Randolph Hall


Randolph Hall is located in the Gilbert Scott Building and is reached via the Principal Staircase. The hall serves as an anteroom for the larger Bute Hall and is separated from this room by a screen. The hall was built between 1878-1884 and was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878). Scott died soon after completing his drawings and the plans were executed by his son John Oldrid Scott (1841-1913) and Edwin Morgan.

It is thought that the Randolph Hall was first lit by gas which was then replaced by incandescent lamps fitted in 1897. In 1950 Joe Gleave designed the four oak standard lamps and uplighters as part of a major redecoration and refurbishment.

The Gilmorehill Centenary stained glass window in the south wall of the hall was designed by Gordon Webster (1908-1987) in 1970 to mark the centenary of the move from the High Street. The window features the forty-five heraldic arms of former Rectors of the University from the 1690s to the 1850s. The window was presented by Dr Charles Hepburn, an alumnus and whisky blender.

A major refurbishment in 1986 saw the restoration of the hall's original colour scheme, based on paint analysis, and an added stencilled pattern of red fleur-de-lys to the gable wall.


Randolph Hall
Record last updated: 21st May 2015