Roll of Honour

2nd Lieutenant

John Aloysius Gerard Henry


John Gerard Henry was born in Glasgow in 1899, and was the son of Stephen John - an Auctioneer - and Roseanna Henry. John also had an older sister, Nora, and the family lived at 8 Kelvinside Gardens. John attended the nearby St Aloysius' College, a Jesuit school, which prepared him for further education at the University of Glasgow. John later adopted 'Aloysius' as a middle name for himself.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

John enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1916, matriculating with the Faculty of Medicine. In his first year, he studied Zoology and Chemistry. The impact of the ongoing war would likely have weighed on the minds of new students, with some keen to play their part and others fearful of being called up. John joined the University's Officers' Training Corps in March of 1917, halfway through his first year. He did not return to University for a second year, and instead received his commission in December 1917.

John joined the newly formed Royal Air Force in 1918. As a member of the 7th Squadron, he was sent to France on the 17th of August. After only a month at the front, John was involved in a battle at Ypres, and killed on the 28th September 1918.

2nd Lieutenant John Aloysius Gerard Henry is buried at Bleuet Farm Cemetery. His gravestone reads 'Requiescat in Pace' (the Latin translation of Rest in Peace). He is remembered on the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour.