Roll of Honour


James Bell Foulis


James Bell Foulis was a man who was establishing his career in Glasgow. Like his father, Alexander, he was a Solicitor and had attained the position of partner in John F. Wilson and Foulis. He was born on the 4th April 1883 in Glasgow and was brought up in the family home at 30 Westbourne Gardens with his mother, Agnes S Bell, and his siblings Bethea, William and Eupham. James was educated at Glasgow Academy before going up to University of Glasgow in 1900 to study for a Law degree.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

His father died in 1897, when James was fourteen. Studying seemed to present no difficulties and he passed through the class of Latin in first year, Scots Law in second, Conveyancing and Civil Law in third year and Mercantile Law in his final year. His exam results were good and he took 4th prize in Mercantile Law. His student years overlapped with those of his brother William in the Medical Faculty. James graduated B.L. in 1905.

When the war began he initially enlisted as a Private, but took a commission on 15th May 1915, first as a Lieutenant and then as Captain in the Cameron Highlanders. He was posted to France and saw action at Longueval and Waterlot Farm. At the Battle of the Transloy Ridges he was in command of ‘D’ Company. He had been wounded in February and returned to the Front, but sustained his fatal wound at the Battle of Warlencourt on the 18th of October 1916 when he was shot in the head. Captain Foulis, 33 when he died, is commemorated abroad, at Thiepval, and at home at the Glasgow Necropolis, the Scottish National War Memorial and the Royal Troon Golf Club Memorial.