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George James Miller

George James Miller was born on 4th November 1887, and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Miller of Broomhouse, Glasgow. George

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

was educated at the High School of Glasgow, where he was an enthusiastic member of the Pipe Band for the school's OTC.

George left the High School in June 1905 in order to undertake an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. He worked with Messrs. Duncan Stuart and Co., and Messrs. Barclay, Curle and Co. - two large and well known manufacturing companies in Glasgow. Having completed his apprenticeship, George was made Master of Works at the Rutherglen branch of the Rivet, Bolt, and Nut Company. He was also a member of the Glasgow University Officer Training Corps from 1912-14.

When war broke out, George applied for a commission and was gazetted to the Wessex Brigade, Royal Field Artillery in November 1914. In December, he volunteered to serve in India, and finished his training there, qualifying as an Instructor of Rough Riding. He also was promoted to Captain, leading the 'A' Battalion of the 56th Brigade of the RFA. On 31st March 1918 he married Helen Eva Carpenter at Lahore, India.

Their marriage was to be brief. Shortly after their wedding George was sent to Egypt. Egypt was supposed to be a temporary stop on the way to Palestine, but a change in orders meant he instead was transferred to a division leaving for France. A month after reaching the French front, George was hit by a stray shell on the Hindenburg Line. He later died of wounds on the 29th August 1918, aged 30.

Miller is remembered with Honour at at Bac-Du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval.

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