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Stuart Henry Nimmo

Captain Stuart Henry Nimmo, elder son of Mr and Mrs Charles Nimmo, The Crescent, West Croydon, was born at Dunoon in 1897. He was educated at Ardrossan Academy and Hillhead High School. At the latter he stayed seven years and was an enthusiastic member of the school community. Talented in music, he was a member of the school's Cadet Corps bank.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

On leaving school he entered the office of Messrs Arbuckle, Smith & Co, shippers. When war broke out in 1914 he tried to enlist immediately but was turned down because of his age. He reapplied when he was old enough and this time was granted a commission in the 9th Royal Scots Fusiliers (RSF). In September 1916 he left for Salonica, a difficult region to fight in because of the heat and outbreaks of malaria.

A devoted son and brother, his letters home were bubbling over with humour and cheeriness. Just before the big advance on Bulgaria he wrote, "If you don't hear from me for a time don't fret. I am absolutely full of life and work." He was eagerly looking forward to leave, but a series of untoward circumstances kept it back. However he was required to stay fighting in the Balkans as an Adjutant to his battalion. In the attack on the enemy's strong position west of Lake Doiran the battalion speedily reached its objective but soon came under heavy fire. Stuart was killed instantaneously on 19th September 1918. One of his fellow officers writes;

"He was deservedly one of the most popular of officers both with his fellow officers and with men. During the two months before his death, when he held the position of Adjutant, he showed that, in addition to his qualities of being one of the best of good fellows and as straight as a die, he had ability, common sense, and tact to a surprising degree in one so young."

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