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John McLean Pinkerton

Military Cross


John McLean Pinkerton graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MBChB in 1914 and won a Sporting Blue for Hockey in 1913.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

Born on the 29th April 1889 in Glamorgan, Cardiff, Pinkerton arrived at Glasgow with a B.Sc from the University of Cardiff. His father Robert Hamilton was a Professor of Mathematics at Cardiff University. At Glasgow, Pinkerton took classes in Anatomy, Physiology, Midwifery and Pathology.

Pinkerton excelled academically, winning prizes in Zoology, Clinical Medicine and Diseases of the Throat and Nose. As well as achieving academically, Pinkerton also played Hockey whilst at university and won the Sporting Blues award for the sport in 1913.

During the war, Pinkerton served as Captain John Pinkerton in the Royal Army Medical Corps and is described as tending and dressing the wounded 'under heavy fire with great courage and determination'. Pinkerton was awarded the Military Cross with Bar: the Military Cross being a decoration for gallantry in the face of the enemy. Pinkerton went on to rise up to the rank of Major.

After the War John continued studying with postgraduate work at St. Bartholomew's training hospital and St. Thomas' teaching hospital. Pinkerton rose up to become Specialist Surgeon and became a member and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in June 1923. Pinkerton worked abroad, both as a consulting surgeon for the then Anglo Iranian Oil Company in Abadan, Iran and later practising in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, Pinkerton also published papers in the Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

John McLean Pinkerton died at sea on his way home from New Zealand on the 9th of October 1960.

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