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John Allan McConnachie


John Allan McConnachie was a Glasgow lawyer who served as a Corporal with 4th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and survived until Armistice Day only to die a month later, on 13th December 1918, as the result of that service.

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John was born in Glasgow on the 6th of April 1883. His father, John, was also a lawyer. The family home was at 31 Ayton Rd., Pollockshields.

John began his studies in the Arts Faculty in 1901, enrolling in the Ordinary classes of Maths and Nat.Phil. He had a few resits on the road to graduating M.A. in 1905, with passes in Latin, Political Economy, Moral Philosophy and History. In his final year, no doubt in anticipation of continuing his studies in the Law Faculty, he earned a pass in Roman Law. His path through the Law curriculum had its ups and downs. He achieved 18th place in the prizelist in Scots Law as well as a Merit in Forensic Medicine in 1906. Constitutional Law and Mercantile Law were also first time passes in 1910. Like many students in Law combining practical training with study he had occasional exam setbacks but graduated LL.B. in November 1910.

Professional success followed. He became a writer and senior partner in the firm of John Steuart and Gillies, and married Evelyn, an M.A. of Glasgow University, having graduated in 1912.

In 1914, the war came, and in 1916 uprooted John from both family and professional life. Aged 33 he joined the 4th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) as a Private, later promoted to Corporal. It was Evelyn who notified the University of his death, on home service, from illness brought on by the conditions of service. Corporal McConnachie was 35.

John McConnachie's name is engraved in the Memorial Chapel of his alma mater, on the family gravestone at Cathcart Cemetery, and on the Roll of Honour of the 4th Battalion Cameronians. In 1967 a generous bursary, to be awarded to the most distinguished student in Conveyancing, was endowed at the University of Glasgow in honour of John McConnachie.

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