Roll of Honour

Surgeon (Prob)

Roderick Montague Macpherson


Roderick Montague Macpherson was born on the 27th September 1897 to Margaret Ann Macpherson and Roderick Macpherson (of ‘Jagua,’ Brownhill Road, Blackburn). He was christened on the 2nd January 1898. His father was a hotel proprietor and the family lived in Lonemore, Clayton-Le-Dale, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Image of Roderick Montague Macpherson

Macpherson studied medicine at the University (MBChB), beginning his studies in 1915 at the age of 18. His first attempt at the medical preliminary examination from 11th-16th September 1914 was not met with immediate success, yet he passed the Mathematics module first time. His second attempt from 12th-17th March 1915 was successful, allowing him entry into studying Medicine.

In his first term at the University, he enrolled to study Chemistry (Practice and Lectures) and Zoology (Practice and Lectures). He sat his first professional examination for MBChB in March 1916, passing the first round of examinations in Zoology and Chemistry and later Botany and Physics in October of the same year- this gave him an overall pass for his first year of studying medicine.

In his second term from 1916-1917 now aged 19, he enrolled to study Anatomy, Physiology, Practical Anatomy and Practical Physiology. During his first and second year of study at the University, he lodged with a Mrs Hannah at 21 Kennedy Drive, Partick, Glasgow.

His studies in medicine allowed him to become a Surgeon (Probationer) in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, serving in the 3rd line aboard the H.M.S ‘Narwhale.’ He died on Wednesday, December 26th 1917 aged 20 and is buried and in Lyness Royal Naval Cemetry in Orkney in Plot B13. A cross marks his grave. He is remembered in the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission .

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