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Thomas Steel Weir


Thomas Steel Weir was born around 1899 in Glasgow, and was the son of William Weir, a doctor. Thomas joined the University of Glasgow in 1916, studying for a degree in Science. In his first year Thomas studied Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, and Mathematics, however the ongoing war halted any further pursuit of academia.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

Thomas instead joined the 2/10 Battalion of Royal Scots in April 1917. The 2/10 Battalion had been based in Linlithgow since 1914, and had spent most of the war on coastal defence duties around Berwick. In June 1918, however, the Battalion moved to Ireland where they received orders to move to Russia. In early August, Thomas sailed with the Battalion for Archangel in northern Russia. Initially a task force of British, Canadian, Australian, French, Italian, and American soldiers had made steady gains towards Moscow, however by late October the weather had deteriorated and the troops retired to more easily defensible positions. In late October an unsuccessful attack on the village of Topsa led to a huge loss of life within the Battalion. Corporal Thomas Steel Weir was among those who fell, on the 27th October 1918.

Corporal Thomas Steel Weir is commemorated on the Archangel Memorial in Russia, and on the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour.

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