Roll of Honour


Archibald Turner Sheldrake

Archibald Turner Sheldrake was born in 1894 or 1895, and was the eldest son of Charles and Agnes. Archibald's father was an Art Master at Airdrie Academy, and this is also where Archibald received his schooling. The family lived at "Moniaive," Grahamshill, in Lanarkshire.

Image of Archibald Turner Sheldrake

In 1913, Archibald joined the University of Glasgow's Officers' Training Corps. He was only there for a short time, and must have gained his commission when war broke out. Archibald served with the 7th Battalion Highland Light Infantry and with the 64th Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

On the 28th September 1918, Archibald was reported as missing. It was later confirmed by the Air Council that he had died the same day. Lieutenant Archibald Sheldrake is remembered on the Arras Flying Services Memorial, and on the University of Glasgow and Airdrie Academy Rolls of Honour.