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Thomas McDowall Ferguson


Thomas McDowall Ferguson was born in Glasgow in 1893. He was the only son of George - a bookbinder - and Mary McDowall. The family lived at Craigpark, Dennistoun. Thomas attended Hillhead High School, where he was known as a reserved and studious boy, who took an active part in sports, but preferred books, music, and nature.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

Thomas first enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1913, aged 20, to study for an Arts degree. He completed two years of his degree, sitting exams in English, Latin, and French. At the same time, Thomas was also training to be a teacher with the Provincial Committee, until the war broke out and put an end to his studies.

Thomas was initially involved in munitions work, but after straining his heart he was forced to rest for almost a year. Upon his recovery Private Thomas McDowall Ferguson joined the 1st Highland Light Infantry, and after a short period of training was sent to Mesopotamia in January 1917. He spent the remainder of the war in Turkey, taking part in numerous advances there, but in the last attack on the Turkish at the end of October 1918, he was wounded in the knee and captured by the enemy. Thomas was taken to a Turkish hospital, but a day or two later the Turkish retreated, leaving the patients and hospital staff behind. Thomas' injuries were serious enough that it was necessary to amputate his leg. He survived for a short while after the amputation, but finally died of his wounds on the 2nd of November 1918.

Thomas McDowall Ferguson's name was added to the family grave in Rutherglen Cemetery. He is remembered in the University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel, and on the Basra Memorial in Iraq.