Roll of Honour


Robert Chapman Davie


Robert Chapman Davie graduated MA from the University of Glasgow in 1907, with First Class Honours in English. Born in Lisbon on the 6th October 1886, Davie moved to Glasgow where he attended the Glasgow High School. He first matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1904, to study for an Arts degree. Although he excelled in English Literature, Davie was drawn to the sciences, enrolling in subjects such as Botany, Natural Philosophy, and Physical Laboratory.Upon graduating from his M.A. in 1907, Davie pursued his interest in chemistry and botany by enrolling to study for a BSc. In the 1907 - 1908 session he took classes in Zoology, Practical Zoology, and Geology. Davie was awarded the Dobbie-Smith gold medal (which conferred a prize of £10) in the 1908 - 1909 session, and he also held the title of Donaldson research scholar. He graduated from his BSc in November 1909, and continued on at the University of Glasgow as an assistant in the Botanical department. Moving to the University of Edinburgh in 1912, Davie was soon appointed lecturer in Botany. His research at Edinburgh provided the material for a doctoral thesis, and as such he returned to the University of Glasgow to study for a DSc. He graduated DSc on the 20th of April 1915, with a thesis entitled 'The Pinna-Trace in the Ferns; the Structure and Affinities of Peranema and Diacalpe'. This thesis is held at the University of Glasgow Library.In 1914, Davie obtained a grant from the Royal Society to travel to Brazil to collect materials for research into flowering plants. Davie was well into his research when he was called up for military service in 1917. Due to ill health in early life, he was unfit for a role involving physical endurance, instead filling the role of senior chemist in the 4th Water Tank Company in France. He rose to the rank of Captain, and served until he was granted leave in January 1919. Captain Robert Chapman Davie was at home in Largs when he died of pneumonia on the 4th of February 1919.

Image of Robert Chapman Davie