Personal Professorships


At a meeting of the Senate on 7 May 1964, the Principal reported that "since the creation of chairs otherwise than by Ordinance had proved to be impracticable the Court had decided to secure the object desired by the introduction of Titular Professorships, to be conferred on members of the University in recognition of personal distinction". The Senate approved the procedure.

On 15 February 1995, the Court agreed that from 1 October 1995 titular professors should be called Professors and should hold personal professorships. As their name suggests, these are personal to their holders and cease to exist if the holder leaves the University or transfers to another post in the University such as an established chair. At that time the Court desired to remove distinctions between appointed professors and personal professors and, inter alia, agreed that personal professors should be ex-officio members of Senate.


Personal Professorships
Award Type: Professorships
Year Founded: 1964
Record last updated: 6th Feb 2013

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