Greek (MacDowell Chair)


Under the Nova Erectio, the teaching of Greek was entrusted to the regents, one of whom was sometimes given the title of Professor of Greek from 1581. A professorship was instituted in 1704 on the recommendation of the Commission of Visitation of 1695.

The Chair of Greek had a change of name, effective 16th March 2012, and is now the MacDowell Chair of Greek. The Chair has been vacant for a number of years, but has recently been revived following a generous bequest from the late Professor Douglas Maurice MacDowell, the last holder of the Chair, who held the position between 1971 and 2001. The amendment to the name of the Chair indicates the University’s desire to acknowledge the bequest and reflects both its and Professor MacDowell’s wish that Glasgow remain a centre of excellence for the teaching and study of Greek.


Greek (MacDowell Chair)
Award Type: Professorships
Year Founded: 1704
Record last updated: 8th Jan 2013

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