The Square


The Square, or Professors' Square, comprises 13 terraced townhouses designed by George Gilbert Scott. The houses were built for the professors who had been provided with similar accommodation at Professor's court located in the High Street campus. Apart from the Principal's Lodging and the Professor of Divinity's house, the terraces were completed in the summer of 1870. The houses were allocated to professors with accommodation rights, allowing the professors to choose their homes based on their seniority.

Today the villas house various departmental offices for the Colleges of Arts (Critical Studies, Theology), the College of Social Sciences (Law), as well as some teaching space, and University Services.

The Principal's Lodging, in the south pair of townhouses, is the only building still in residential use.


The Square
University of Glasgow
G12 8QG

Record last updated: 18th Mar 2015

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