Hetherington House


Hetherington House is a B Listed building located at 13 University Gardens named after Sir Hector Hetherington, Principal of the University from 1936 until 1961. The building currently houses the Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics, the STELLA Computing Laboratory, and two soundproof practice rooms for Music students.

Hetherington House along with the George Service House (11 University Gardens) were the first two of eight houses built along what was known as Saughfield Terrace. The semi detached villas were designed by John James Burnet from 1882 to 1884. The street was located on the former gardens of Saughfield House. The houses are styled in a restrained but eclectic Glasgow free style, fusing neo-Baroque with Arts & Crafts detailing. Six of the eight houses were demolished in 1969 for the Mathematics Building.

The house was occupied by staff including James Thomson Bottomley, the first holder of the Arnott and Thomson Demonstratorship in Experimental Physics, who lived at the property in the early 1920s. In 1956 the building was acquired by the University to house what was believed to be the first university research club established in the United Kingdom, known as the Hetherington Research Club. In February 2010 the club was forced to close due to financial problems. A year later the empty building was occupied by students to protest cuts to higher education within the University of Glasgow and nationwide. The occupation lasted from February 1, 2011 until August 31, 2011 when the students were evicted. Hetherington House was renovated and is now used primarily as a teaching space.


Hetherington House
13 University Gardens
G12 8QH
Record last updated: 27th Aug 2015