Gregory Building


The Geology Building was renamed the Gregory Building in 1998 for John Walter Gregory (1864-1932), the University's first Professor of Geology from 1904 to 1929.

The site for a Geology building as envisioned by Wilson & Womersley was obtained by the University in 1968, who purchased 8 terraced houses in Lilybank Gardens. The building was designed by Ivor Dorward of JL Gleave & Partners in 1970 and opened in 1980.

The Gregory Building currently houses the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences as well as the School of Archaeology

The building is most easily recognized by the large stone monument that stands outside its doors. The stones were originally part of a culvert on the West Highland Railway, recut for its present use.

The most notable feature of the interior is the 7.6m mosaic designed by George Garson in 1977 located in the entrance hall named "Theophilus Paton Esq. and His Highness the Maharana of Cacheypore." The mosaic depicts various geological structures and is comprised of fragments of common and rare fossils and specimen minerals, including M1217 crocidolite from South Africa and M2370 almondine from Bhilwara in Rajasthan, India.


Gregory Building
27 Lilybank Gardens,
G12 8QW
Record last updated: 13th Feb 2015

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