Preliminary Training School


The Preliminary Training School was established at the Western Infirmary in 1933. It would have been located to the south east of John Burnet Sr’s main hospital building.

The cost of the School was met by a bequest from the trustees of Miss E. Fullarton of Arran who requested that her name along with that of her brother, Dr Fullarton, be associated with the building. An engraved stone bearing the words “Fullarton Memorial” stood above the entrance. The opening ceremony of the Preliminary Training School coincided with the resignation of Miss Helen Gregory Smith. Miss Gregory Smith was appointed Matron in 1906 and was influential in the formation of the College of Nursing. Colonel Roxburgh, the Chairman of the Board of Managers, used the opening ceremony of the School to pay tribute to Miss Gregory Smith’s long and devoted service as Matron and to her responsibility for the high standard of nursing in the Western Infirmary and its success as a training school.

The Preliminary Training School was constructed by adding a two-storey extension to a house in the Infirmary grounds formerly occupied by the Medical Superintendent, Colonel Donald James Mackintosh. It provided two classrooms, a practical room, 18 bedrooms for nurses and two for the Sister Tutors, as well as sitting rooms and a library.

Due to accommodation problems the School was eventually moved to Knightswood Hospital, which was part of the Western Infirmary Group. These new accommodations were opened in 1964. The Fullarton building at the Western was vacated and then reconstructed to provide a large classroom, an additional lecture room and a practical area for the senior school.


Preliminary Training School
Western Infirmary
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