Macgregor Building (1959-Present)


The Macgregor Building was built in 1959 to replace the old Macgregor Memorial Block. The old block was built between 1933 and 1935 and was built as an extension to John James Burnet’s 1894-1896 Pathology, Bacteriology and Immunology Building. The extension was made possible by a gift from the Trustees of Mrs. Margaret Macgregor of Stirling. Mrs. Macgregor’s Trustees expressed their desire that their gift should in some way be associated in a permanent way with Mrs. Macgregor’s name and so when the Pathological department was to be extended it was decided that the block was to take the form of the “Macgregor Memorial.”

In 1952 there was a call to extend the Macgregor Block with a second storey but unfortunately the building was showing signs of settlement and the plan had to be abandoned. The block was eventually demolished and was replaced in 1959 with the new Macgregor Building - a more spacious five-storey building capable of housing expanded departments of both pathology and bacteriology. This was the first building in the Western Infirmary complex to have large areas of glass exposed to the elements and for many years the Board minutes continued to include the unresolved item of “Ventilation of the Pathology Department.”


Macgregor Building (1959-Present)
Western Infirmary
G11 6NT
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