Gilmorehill House


Gilmorehill House was a mansion that was demolished to make way for the Gilbert Scott Building. Its original position was close to the south-west angle of Bute Hall within the western quadrangle of the Main Building.

Gilmorehill House was constructed c1802. The mansion was built by the West Indies merchant Robert Bogle Junior. Bogle’s estate extended approximately sixty acres. The general boundaries were the river Kelvin on the east; partly a bend of that stream, and partly the road to Partick on the south; Byres Road on the west; and the lands of Hillhead on the north. The lands were purchased by Bogle from different proprietors in 1800 and 1803. A large portion of the grounds in the vicinity of the mansion contained ornamental plantings, shrubberies, and walks; while extensive walled gardens contained grapes, peach trees, and greenhouses.

Bogle died in 1822 and left his estate to his son Archibald. After remaining in Bogle hands for two decades the estate was sold in 1845 to the Glasgow Western Cemetery Company (later known as the Gilmorehill Company) which intended to build a cemetery on the hill. The proposal to build a cemetery ultimately succumbed to the same economic crisis that was to scupper the University’s earlier planned move to Woodlands Hill in the 1840s.

The property was taken over by a committee of shareholders. In 1848 the shareholders held a competition to develop the property for residential use. The competition was won by the architect-engineer James Wylson, but neither his, nor any of the other competitors’ schemes were carried forward.

Gilmorehill House remained standing and was let out, becoming a hydropathic institution, in 1856. The estate was sold to the University in 1865 and the house was used as a site office for the the building contractors during the construction of the Gilbert Scott Building before being demolished in c1870. The University's Gymnasium was built on the site of the House's stables in 1870.


Gilmorehill House
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