Anatomy Building at Queen Margaret College


The Anatomy Building was the first laboratory built for the medical school established at Queen Margaret College. Initially funded by Mrs Isabella Elder, the medical school was established following the admission of female students to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1890. Work on purpose-built accommodation for the school began in 1894 under the supervision of Anatomy lecturer and amateur archaeologist, Thomas Hastie Bryce.

The Anatomy Building was the first of the new laboratory buildings to be built and marks the University’s first major commitment to the provision of facilities for women. The new building was made possible by a £5,000 capital grant made by the Bellahouston Bequest Fund Trustees. John Honeyman, from Honeyman & Keppie, was selected to design the new medical department at Queen Margaret College. Charles Rennie MactIntosh, a draughtsman at the firm at the time, may have had a role in the design of the Anatomy Building which was completed in 1895.

The layout of the building was largely based on the anatomy building built for Professor Arthur Thomson at Oxford between 1891 and 1893. Queen Margaret College’s Anatomy Building was built on a 2-storey scale, possessed a polygonal stairtower, and had a walled courtyard for discreet reception of cadavers. In the basement the preparatory areas were separated from the teaching rooms on the ground floor – this was considered a necessity to spare the female students from the unpleasant sights, sounds, and smells of the preparatory processes.

In 1934 male and female students were taught at Gilmorehill and the Queen Margaret College site was sold to the BBC. Substantial additions and alterations were made to the Anatomy Building in 1935-1938 by James Miller and again in the 1960s through to the 1980s before the BBC relocated to Pacific Quay in 2007. Many of these additions have been removed and the Anatomy Building survives in a modified form. The dissecting laboratory is now gone and few of the internal features remain.


Anatomy Building at Queen Margaret College
Queen Margaret Drive

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