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Alasdair Cameron
Alasdair Cameron

Alasdair Cameron was born on the 2nd March 1953 and was the eldest of three children.

He attended Kilmarnock Academy and gained high grades. Initially, he went on to Stirling University, before transferring to the University of Glasgow in 1972. The report from the Dean at Stirling, said that Alasdair had not "done himself justice" at Stirling, but that he might "flourish and do good work" at another institution.

At Glasgow, Alasdair did just that, winning the 1st prize in his drama class in 1972-3. He earned a distinction in Latin Literature in the next year, and graduated with an MA in Drama and English Literature in 1976.

Alasdair went on to a PhD at Warwick University researching the repertory theatre movement in Britain between 1907 and 1919, and then took an MA in Arts Administration at City University, London. This was followed by a stint in management at London's Cockpit Theatre.

When Alasdair returned to Glasgow in 1984, it was to take up a teaching position in the Theatre Studies department. He was later promoted to a Senior Lecturer position.

Alasdair Cameron became a leading voice and champion for Scottish theatre, celebrating what had gone before, and inspiring others to create anew. Many of his students went on to jobs in theatre, including those who started their own companies.

In June 1994, Alasdair died after a short illness. He was 41. Within a year of his death, those he had influenced came together to perform 'Tartan Trifles', a celebration of Scottish theatre which aimed to raise money for The Alasdair Cameron Scholarship which exists to support the creation of a piece of performance by a recent graduate or senior student of Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow.


Dr Alasdair Cameron
Born 2 March 1953.
Died June 1994.
University Link: Lecturer
GU Degree: MA, 1976; Arts, 4;
Occupation categories: teachers
Record last updated: 6th Nov 2019

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