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Zoologist Dr Suzanne L. Ullmann, who was born of Jewish parents in Budapest in 1935, lectured for many years at the University of Glasgow.

Her father, a jeweller, had gone to London in the hope of establishing a business and her mother, who went to visit him, was unable to get back to Hungary when war broke out. Suzanne and her twin brothers were stranded in Budapest with their grandmothers. An account of her life in Nazi occupied Budapest was published in Open House.

After the war, Dr Ullmann left Budapest to study in London, taking an honours degree in zoology. She graduated in 1958 and went on to complete a doctorate which was awarded to her in 1962. She later moved to Scotland to work as a research assistant in the Institute of Animal Genetics in 1961, before being appointed as an assistant lecturer at the department of Zoology in 1964.

Dr Ullmann moved to Glasgow in 1967 to join the newly established centre for developmental biology at the University of Glasgow. She remained at the University of Glasgow for 25 before retiring in 1992. She continued to be active in her research interests which included a fascination with the reproductive systems of marsupials, a topic inspired by a visit to Australia. When she returned to Glasgow, she established a breeding colony of potoroos and soon extended this to include the opossum Monodelphis domestica.


Dr Suzanne Ullmann
Born 8 December 1935.
Died 2 April 2014.
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