Yoshinobu Katsura

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Y. Katsura
Y. Katsura

Yoshinobu Katsura graduated BSc Engineering from the University in 1915. He was born at Osaka, Japan, son of Koki, a professor.

Katsura matriculated in 1913 from Tokyo to study Engineering. At the time of matriculation Yoshinobu was exempt from preliminary examinations due to his position as a naval cadet of the Engineering Department of the Imperial Japanese Naval College. Over the course of his degree he took classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Physicial Laboratory, Chemistry, Engineering (laboratory and drawing) and Naval Architecture.

Following graduation in 1915, Yoshinobu returned to Japan as a Naval Officer.


Yoshinobu Katsura
Born 30 July 1889.
University Link: Graduate
GU Degree: BSc, 1915; Science and Engineering,
Occupation categories: engineers; naval officers
Record last updated: 4th Nov 2016

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