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Goto, Makita
Goto, Makita

Makita Goto was born in Mikawa, Aichi prefecture, son of Keiryn, a doctor. In 1868, started his studies at Keio University, where he later became a lecturer.

Goto worked as a teacher at Tokyo Normal School before he was dispatched to Sweden and Britain by the Japanese government in 1887. He studied at the University of Glasgow from 1888 to 1890, taking classes in Physics and Mathematics.

Upon his return to Japan, Goto was appointed Professor of Tokyo Higher Normal School (the predecessor of Tokyo University of Education and Tsukuba University). From 1890, while working for the Ministry of Education, Goto developed laboratory instruments, equipment and apparatus, and was known as a pioneer of Science Education. He published many books on physics and elementary-level textbooks for experimental classes. In recognition of his contribution, Goto was appointed the first Emeritus Professor of the Tokyo Higher Normal School in 1914.


Makita Goto
Born 5 November 1853.
Died 25 March 1930.
University Link: Student
GU Degree: Sceince and Engineering, 1888-1890;
Occupation categories: educators; physicists
Record last updated: 23rd Apr 2013

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