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Wacław Przybylski, Matriculation Slip 1947-1948
Wacław Przybylski, Matriculation Slip 1947-1948

Wacław Przybylski graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1949 with a BSc in Pure Science. He was born in Kalisz, Poland, son of Antony, a businessman and a merchant.

Przybylski was 26 when he first matriculated at the University in 1944, partially funded by a grant from the Committee for the Education of Poles in Great Britain. During his time in the Faculty of Science, he took courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, Organic Chemistry, Ecology, and Physical Chemistry, among others.

Przybylski married fellow University of Glasgow student, Maria Kolasa, in 1949. After both graduating in 1949, Przybylski and his wife moved to Canada, where he worked as a chemist. Przybylski contributed to and co-wrote several journal articles and also worked with the Health and Welfare Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.


Wacław Przybylski
Born 6 July 1918.
Died 2005.
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
GU Degree: BSc, 1949; Science and Engineering,
Occupation categories: chemists; industrial chemists
Record last updated: 14th May 2013

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