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Chi Yung Lin, matriculation slip 1915-16
Chi Yung Lin, matriculation slip 1915-16

Chi Yung Lin graduated BSc from the University in 1924. He was born in Tzechow, Sichuan province, son of Tai Yun (Taiyuan) LLB, a retired lawyer.

After his involvement as a student soldier in the Wuchang Uprising that led to the Xinhai Revolution, Lin, along with over 70 other students, was selected by the first Chinese President, Sun Yat-Sen for overseas education. Lin first matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1915-16, aged 22, joining the Faculty of Science. From 1916-1919, he took classes at the Royal Technical College, as well as signing up for classes and advanced classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy (Physics), Chemistry, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering laboratory and drawing at Glasgow. In 1918, Lin briefly returned to China, but returned to the University of Glasgow in session 1919-20. He graduated BSc on 22 April 1924.

While at the University Lin was a member of the Sino-Scottish Society, and was their secretary in the sessions 1919-1920 and 1920-1921. Lin also worked for the Caledonian Railway Company for almost seven years through the ranks of apprentice, technician and at last engineer when Caledonian Railway was absorbed in London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923. He left the company and UK in 1925.

Lin returned to China where he made a significant contribution to railroad engineering, and undertook several professorial appointments at the universities of Central University of China, Nanjing (1929-35), Sichuan University (1948-52), and Chengdu Engineering Institute (1953-62).


Chi Yung Lin
Born 9 April 1894, Sichuan, China.
Died March 1962.
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
GU Degree: BSc, 1924; Science and Engineering,
Occupation categories: engineers, civil
Record last updated: 7th Jul 2014

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