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Letter from Professor Umov to Kelvin, 20 Sept 1896
Letter from Professor Umov to Kelvin, 20 Sept 1896

Nikolay Alekseevich Umov, the Russian physicist and mathematician known for discovering the concept of Umov-Poynting vector and Umov effect, was conferred the degree of LLD by the University of Glasgow in 1896.

A graduate of Moscow State University in 1867, Umov lectured at Novorossiysk University, Odessa in 1871 and was appointed Professor in 1875. He then returned to Moscow State University, where he became Professor of Physics, and later head of Physics upon the death of Aleksandr Stoletov in 1896. He was also one of the founders of the Physical Institute.

Umov's status as a distinguished researcher on energy and on electrodynamic induction made him one of Lord Kelvin's chosen candidates for the honorary degree of LLD in 1896.


Nikolay Alekseevich Umov
Born 23 January 1846.
Died 15 January 1915.
University Link: Graduate, Honorary Graduate
GU Degree: LLD, 1896;
Occupation categories: mathematicians; physicists
Record last updated: 26th Aug 2013

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