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David Wemyss (d 1615) was Rector of the University from 1593 to 1594, 1594 to 1595, 1596 to 1599, and 1602. In 1574 he transferred property from the Church to the "principal and masters and regents" of the College and he was elected Dean of Faculty in 1580.

Wemyss was minister of Ratho before he was translated to become the first Protestant minister of Glasgow's High Church after the Reformation, from 1562 until 1605. His daughter Helen married Peter Lowe (c 1550-1610), the founder of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Glasgow experienced great political upheaval during Wemyss' ministry, and he suffered threats and actual violence. In July 1584 he was pulled from the pulpit of the High Church by members of the Town Council and other supporters of Episcolaliansism, to make way from the newly-appointed Archbishop Robert Montgomery. Three years later he was attacked and injured by two assailants armed with knives and pistols in the Wyndhead near the University. In August 1600 it was reported that Wemyss was "declynant in doctrine, negligent in preparation and ofttimes overtaken with drink" but continued to preach in the Cathedral.


David Wemyss

Born 1540.
Died 10 September 1615.
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Occupation categories: clergy
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