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John Goldsmith (fl 1479-1507), Canon of Glasgow and Vicar of Eastwood and Cathcart, was a student at the University and was described as a Bachelor of Decreets in 1479. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1486 to 1488 and was elected Rector of the University in 1490 and 1497. He was Principal on three different occasions between 1478 and 1490.

Goldsmith was a Master of Arts and, by 1479, a Bachelor of Decreets who became a regent at the University. After Walter Bunch was relieved of his duties as Principal in 1478, Goldsmith and John Doby were appointed joint principals in his place and continued in office until 1480. In 1485, when Walter Leslie informed the Faculty that his workload was too heavy and appealed for a replacement be found to undertake his duties as Principal, Goldsmith was appointed in his place for several months until the appointment of George Crichton. Finally, when Crichton was removed in July 1488, Goldsmith was appointed Principal for a third time, serving until 1490.

In 1490, as Rector, Goldsmith had the Liber Rectoris (Rector's Book) drawn up in its present form to contain university statutes and matriculation records. When he was elected Rector for the second time, as an old man in 1497, he appointed Ninian Dawgles or Douglas, Prebendary of Bothwell, as Vice Rector in his absence.


John Goldsmith

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