St Mungo's College


The Managers of Glasgow Royal Infirmary founded the Royal Infirmary Medical School in 1876. The school was incorporated as a college in 1889 and given the name St Mungo's. It consisted of a Medical and a Law faculties.

In 1905, the Managers of Glasgow Royal Infirmary refused a request for financial assistance from the College. The Muirhead Trust, set up at the wish of Dr Thomas Muirhead to partly endow a college for the medical education of women, was persuaded to intervene. It agreed to endow St Mungo's College of Medicine if certain conditions were met. Teaching was to be made open to women on equal terms with male students; the name Muirhead should be associated with the College; there should be a connection with the University, and the College had to match the Trust's 40,000 endowment.

The University's Chairs of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgery were subsequently transferred to the Royal from the Glasgow Western Infirmary and further endowed by the Trust and by the College, and the St Mungo Chair of Surgery; St Mungo (Notman) Chair of Pathology; Muirhead Chair of Medicine, and Muirhead Chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology were created. The College contributed 600 per annum to the salary of the St Mungo (Notman) Professor, and the Pathologist was required to give courses of lectures and practical demonstrations to students from the extra-mural students.

In 1947 St Mungo's College of Medicine was amalgamated with the University's Medical Faculty.


St Mungo's College
Founded in 1876.
Ceased to exist in 1947.
Record last updated: 9th May 2008

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