There are lots of results for my search, how can I get fewer results?

With around 13,000 graduates listed, searches can produce a lot of results to search through. Using a combination of search options can help reduce the results returned.

Name search
Use both a first name and a family name to refine the search results.

Graduation year
If you have an idea of when the person may have studied at the University, combine a date range with a name search.

If you know that there was a definite link between the person and another country, combine this country with a name search. Please see what information about the University's graduates is available through the University of Glasgow Story for further information about the countries of association and nationality fields.

If the person you are looking for was female, select female as a search term. This will dramatically reduce the search results returned.

If you know the occupation of the person you are looking for, use the degree field to refine your search. You may need to carry out a number of searches as different degrees have been awarded at different times for the same area of study. You can find out when degrees were first awarded by consulting Appendix 3 of The History & Constitution of the University of Glasgow. Use the list of abbreviations to find out what the degree you should select.