What other information is available on graduates?

It is possible that we may have more information on individual graduates and we welcome visitors and enquiries. You should note that student records vary considerably with time. This is largely due to different record keeping practices over the centuries. Up to the late eighteenth century only very basic information was recorded about students and graduates in the official administrative records of the University of Glasgow. The records of students from the mid-19th century onwards generally give more details.

Matriculation records

Matriculation (the process of being admitted to the University) was not made compulsory until the reforms of the Universities (Scotland) Act of 1858. Prior to this, only those students wishing to graduate or vote in a Rectorial election were required to matriculate. From 1859 onwards matriculation slips were completed by students for every year of their study at the University. These records include information such as the student's hometown, father's name and father's occupation, and the faculty in which they were studying. In later years the subjects studied in each session are also listed.

From 1728 to 1858 information on matriculating students is available in W Innes Addison's The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858. This brings together information from University records where students signed their names in an album and the Professor of the particular class added the student's birthplace and details of parentage. Addison himself conducted his own personal research into the professional lives of students and graduates of the University of Glasgow and there is additional biographical information available for a number of students.

For the period from 1451 to 1727, the matriculation records have been transcribed and published in Munimenta Alme Universitatis Glasguensis (Records of the University of Glasgow from its foundation 'till 1727), Volume III, Lists of Members. Names of students are presented as a class list with the name of the professor who taught them at the top.

Other student records

Archive Services hold the following University records which may provide interesting additional information about graduates:

  • Class catalogues: detailing the names of students attending each class held at the University. Available for Arts classes from 1794 and, Theology and Divinity classes from 1818 and Medical classes from 1854.
  • Schedules of graduates: detailing the subjects studied by the student, examination marks and date of graduation. Available for Faculty of Arts students from 1893, Faculty of Law students from 1888, and Faculty of Science students from 1880.
  • Prize Lists: details students winning prizes for academic work from 1777 onwards.
  • Register of dates of birth of graduates: details the dates of birth of graduates from 1881 onwards.
  • General Council Registers: containing post-graduation occupations and addresses of graduates. Available for 1868 and from 1874 onwards.

Accessing this information

You are welcome to visit Archive Services to undertake your own research using the records listed above.
If you are unable to visit, you can commission Archive Services to do follow-up research on your behalf. Please remember to include the name of the graduate, the title of their degree and the year of graduation. You can find these details by using Search graduates to 1914.

Alternatively, you can access some of this information online:
W Innes Addison, The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858 (Glasgow, 1913)
C Innes (ed), Munimenta Alme Universitatis Glasguensis. Records of the University of Glasgow: from its foundation till 1727 (Glasgow, 1854) 3 volumes plus separate index
Please note: the University of Glasgow is not responsible for creating or maintaining these online copies.