What information about the University's graduates is available through the University of Glasgow Story?

The University created different records about the graduation of its students at different times. Therefore, the information available on graduates on this website varies depending on the year they received their degree(s).

Graduates: 1451-1577

The University's records provide the graduate's name, degree and the year of graduation. In a very small number of cases, some biographical information is provided. With little biographical detail available, and no cross-referencing of students across the records, it is very difficult to be certain of a single student's career at the University during this period. However, Archive Services staff have brought together qualifications for individuals where these follow the standard pattern of the award of BA, followed by the award of the Licentiate and MA in either a single year or over a two year period. There can, however, be no guarantee that the records refer to the same student.

Graduate Record for Patricius Elphinstone

Forename: Patricius
Surname: Elphinstone
Degree Information: Licentia (1468) ; MA (1468)

[Described in University record as cum eo dispensatum de lectura ad biennium/David Grai manu propria]



Graduates: 1578-1727

In addition to the graduate's name, degree and year of graduation, his nationality is also given. A short biographical note is occasionally recorded. In most cases this is the phrase 'Extra Ordinum', meaning that the degree was awarded despite the fact that the graduate did not fulfil the normal degree requirements.

Graduate Record for Daniel Gibsonus

Forename: Daniel
Surname: Gibsonus
Degree Information: MA (1631)
Nationality: Anglus

[Described in University records as Extra Ordinum]




Graduates: 1728-1914

The graduate's name, degree and year of graduation, with additional biographical information often available.

The graduate's nationality is not recorded as standard. Where a graduate recorded his or her nationality in the Graduation Album this is included as the biographical note and is indicated by the inclusion of [Graduation album] in the Addison reads information. These nationalities are recorded in Latin. The Countries of Association field cannot be assumed as the graduate's nationality. Rather, these are countries or places which graduates had links with, generally after their graduation.

Addison reads includes the biographical details compiled by W Innes Addison for the Roll of Graduates. Information taken from the University's Matriculation Albums, such as the name of the graduate's father and the graduate's birthplace, is generally in Latin. However, it follows a standard form which eases translation, for example:

  1. Filius natu tertius Guiliemi Mercatoris in comitatu de Tyrrone Hiberniae (Matriculation album 1771)
    Third son of William, merchant in County Tyrone, Ireland
  2. Filius natu maximus Joannis, Mercatoris in com. de Renfrew (Matriculation album 1808)
    Eldest son of John, merchant in the county of Renfrew
  3. Filius natu maximus Alexandri Agricolae in com. de Lanark (Matriculation album 1833)
    Eldest son of Alexander, farmer in the county of Lanark

Help is available on Latin personal and place names.
Help is also available on the abbreviations used.

In some cases, no biographical information or details of countries of association is available so a 'no information available on this graduate' note has been added to the record card. Full biographies for a selection of prominent famous graduates can be accessed by clicking on the graduates name at the top of the record card. These biographies were written by Archive Services staff.

Graduate Record for Matthew Adam

Forename: Matthew
Surname: Adam
Degree Information: MA (1808)
Countries of Association: Scotland

[Addison 1727-1897 reads: Taught a School of his own in Glasgow, 1808-11; Rector of the Royal Academy of Inverness, 1811-39, when retired on a pension; taught in his own house in Glasgow, 1840-50; resident in Ayr, 1850-53; born at Bargeny, Parish of Dailly, Ayrshire, 20th February, 1780; died at Ayr, 10th December, 1853; while a lad wrought extra hours as a Blacksmith, sold nails which he made from cast off horse- shoes, and thereby earned money to take him to the University.]